1,000-ft. brake lane one of many automotive testing elements at ITIC.

Every vehicle manufactured in the U.S. must meet or exceed minimum federal standards established for its brake system. Regardless of vehicle (light vehicle, truck, buses, or trailers) and brake type (hydraulic or air), automotive engineers must prove their design solution allows the vehicle to both slow down and stop safely and effectively.

For this reason, the International Transportation Innovation Center (ITIC) has opened a new 1,000-ft. brake testing lane providing the necessary grip to satisfy PFC requirements of 1.02 using the new 16″ SRTT, required by NHTSA FMVSS TP 105, 121, 126, and 135.

Located in Greenville, SC at the heart of the Upstate South Carolina automotive cluster, ITIC is South Carolina’s world-class automotive test track for automotive OEMs, suppliers, technology providers and research universities to test and validate mobility innovations.

To ensure that even heavy commercial vehicles can gather enough speed before the point of applying brakes, ITIC has taken additional measures to incorporate a 4,000-ft approach lane into its brake testing element. This acceleration segment allows large commercial vehicles to reach 60mph speeds by the time they reach the testing lane.

Likewise, an exit ramp at the end of the 1,000-ft. brake test lane allows vehicles enough time to safely decelerate before circling back to the starting point or exiting the test area. The collective space leading up to, exiting, and surrounding either side of the brake lane makes it easy and convenient for automotive engineering test teams to conduct continuous brake testing to satisfy their needs.

Another convenience offered by ITIC is its location in one of the country’s most heralded cities, Greenville, SC. Located just 8 miles from beautiful downtown Greenville and its award-winning Falls Park, restaurants, accommodations, and entertainment options, ITIC has quickly gained a reputation as a preferred automotive testing facility among southeast region automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

ITIC is also just a 10-minute drive to one of the country’s most prestigious automotive research universities, the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CUICAR); 15 minutes to Michelin North America; 20 minutes to Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport; and 25 minutes to BMW North America Manufacturing.

The new brake testing lane is one of the latest assets in ITIC’s impressive list of testing features, which includes:

•      One-mile straightaway

•      1700-ft. durability track can simulate accelerated wear and tear on large commercial vehicles in a controlled environment

•      10% and 20% slope hill with split mu features

•      Additional straightaways and off-road areas

•      EV fast charging station

•      Half-day or full-day track rental available 24 hours a day, seven days a week

•      Surfaces include asphalt, concrete and off-road

•      Transport vehicle parking

•      Dedicated, on-site fire department providing emergency services 24 hours a day 

To inquire about automotive testing and availability at ITIC, please email info@itic-sc.com or call (864) 451-5761.