International Transportation Innovation Center

Testing Facilities

Testing Facilities

Producing safe, reliable and effective vehicles requires complex testing along every phase of development –– from research to final production. ITIC has a multitude of dynamic testing features in a secure, closed testbed environment to meet the testing needs of the automotive industry. Whether you need to authenticate the quality and fitness of components or determine the effect of real world conditions, ITIC has test assets to meet your needs.

Covering approximately 400 acres, ITIC’s current elements include:  a one-mile straightaway; 1,700-ft durability track; 1,000-ft brake lane; a slope hill with 10% and 20% grades and split mu features; and an on-site fire department. ITIC also has EV charging infrastructure available for both passenger and heavy commercial vehicle use.  Surfaces include asphalt, concrete and off-road areas.

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Main Track

The spine of the ITIC test facility is supported by a one-mile main track that may be configured in various ways to test vehicle dynamics, braking, lane changes, steering or even a safe place to test ADAS technologies.  Features include:

  • Up to 5400 ft. x 175 ft. straightaway asphalt track
  • Vehicle staging and pull-off areas
  • Delineated for multiple lanes upon request

Durability Track

ITIC’s 1700-ft durability track is designed with all events necessary to benchmark test for the Federal Transit Administration’s Structural Durability Test Procedures for public transportation.

The durability track can simulate accelerated wear and tear on large commercial vehicles in a controlled environment.   Customers can use the specific sequences of the profiles to obtain repeatable data collection or partial use of certain areas for testing durability.

ITIC’S durability track design provides users the convenience of half the number of turnarounds, creating a more efficient testing environment. Fewer turnarounds, coupled with rest areas spaced in between test events, provide for a more comfortable test experience for drivers. An emergency lane between event lanes allows drivers to bypass specific events or pull off in the event of an emergency.  Exact specifications are available upon request.

Vehicle test events include:

  • Staggered bumps
  • Railroad crossings
  • Frame twist
  • High crown intersection
  • 4-inch chuck holes
  • 1-inch random chuckholes
  • ¾-inch chatter bumps

Brake Lane

The 1000-ft asphalt Brake Lane track provides the necessary grip to satisfy PFC requirements of 1.02 using the new 16″ SRTT, required by NHTSA FMVSS TP 105, 121, 126, and 135.

Slope Hill

ITIC has recently added a new Slope Hill track with the objective of satisfying various Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) requirements. The Slope Hill track is intended to satisfy FMVSS Test Procedure (TP) 135 includes both a 150-ft (45 m) hill with a 10% gradient and a separate hill with a 20% gradient and a length of 100 ft (30 m). Each hill is surfaced with a 15 ft (4.5 m) concrete lane parallel to a basalt tile low adhesion surface permitting both high adhesion and split mu testing.