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Testing Facilities

Automotive transportation comes in all shapes and sizes and is in demand 24/7. ITIC is dedicated to serving that ethos, providing a safe, secure, around-the-clock testing environment for any automotive organization regardless of brand affiliation.

With a broad configuration of test areas, including a 1-mile high-speed test track; 1,700-ft-long Durability Track; commercial-grade EV charging; off-road areas; an on-site fire department and more, ITIC has the infrastructure in place to test and validate nearly any vehicle imaginable, at any time of the year.

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Main Track

The spine of the ITIC test facility is supported by a one-mile main track that may be configured in a variety of ways to test vehicle dynamics, braking, lane changes, steering or even a safe place to test ADAS technologies.  One or two main track segments may be rented depending on customer need.  Features include:

  • Up to 5500 ft. x 300 ft. straightaway track
  • Asphalt and concrete surfaces
  • Vehicle staging and pull-off areas
  • Separate entrances for shared used
  • Coefficient of friction available upon customer request

Durability Track

ITIC’s newest test element is a 1700-ft-long durability track designed with all events necessary to benchmark test for the Federal Transit Administration’s Structural Durability Test Procedures for public transportation.

The durability track can simulate accelerated wear and tear on large commercial vehicles in a controlled environment.   Customers can use the specific sequences of the profiles to obtain repeatable data collection or partial use of certain areas for testing durability.

ITIC’S durability track design provides users the convenience of half the number of turnarounds, creating a more efficient testing environment. Fewer turnarounds, coupled with rest areas spaced in between test events, provide for a more comfortable test experience for drivers. An emergency lane located in between event lanes allows drivers to bypass specific events or pull off in the event of an emergency.  Exact specifications available upon request.

Vehicle test events include:

  • Staggered bumps
  • Railroad crossings
  • Frame twist
  • High crown intersection
  • 4-inch chuck holes
  • 1-inch random chuckholes
  • ¾-inch chatter bumps


ITIC’s Roadway feature is ideal for mileage accumulation and simulating a real road experience.
  • One mile x 40 ft. wide
  • Concrete surface
  • Turnaround areas
  • Intersections